current grads

Everyone needs a “Feel Good” folder

Dear Graduate Student, Grad school is tough. For the most part, the pace of progress in your graduate program essentially falls on your shoulders. On the one hand, this is great because it means that you are in complete control of your success in a program. On the other hand, […]

How to get paid to go to grad school

Dear (prospective) Graduate Student, Did you know that you could earn a monthly income while you’re a grad student and even free tuition? There are limited options for undergrad students to earn an income through the university (that’s a can of worms for another day), but grad school is different […]

The two-way interview between potential grad student and mentor

Dear (prospective) Graduate Student, This is where a lot of students go wrong. The relationship between you and your graduate advisor is THE most important aspect of your graduate program. More important than the prestige of the program and more important than the research topic. Seriously! Why is that? Because […]

How to get an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP)

Dear Graduate Student, The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program is a means of funding yourself during grad school. This prestigious award provides 3 years of salary for you, paid as a monthly stipend of about $2800, and includes roughly $12,000/year allowance for tuition. Any remaining tuition is often waived […]