Faculty motivations for accepting (or declining) a new graduate student

Dear (prospective) Graduate Student, The words “Sorry, I’m not accepting new students” can be heartbreaking and even maddening if at some later date you find out that suddenly now that Professor is interested in accepting students. The choice to accept or decline a new student is actually quite complex for […]

Finding professors to serve as your grad advisor

Dear (prospective) Graduate Student, Now that you’ve decided to go to grad school, where should you apply and how do you find a Professor that you want to work with? This task can seem daunting  – out of all of the universities out there, how do you find a lab that […]

How to get into grad school

Dear (prospective) Graduate Student, Acceptance to a university at the undergraduate level is pretty straightforward. You apply with all of the required materials, pay a fee, and wait to hear the results. Although there is an application, and an application fee, and a waiting period involved in graduate school acceptance, […]

What to include in your email to a potential advisor

Dear (prospective) Graduate Student, So, you’ve been successful in finding professors to serve as potential graduate advisors. Now comes the hard (and sometimes scary) part. What should you write in your email? A good introductory email will include not only info on your metrics as a student, but it should […]